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Captainswife's Amateur Wife Blog: Masturbation Video

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Captainswife: The wife finally enjoyed the new large dildo on her own. She controls it as she penetrates herself.

Masturbation Video Dildo Sex Toy Solo Play Amateur Video

July 20, 2016    676,426    8    113
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Captainswife's Amateur Wife Blog

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flag as inappropriate Tyro    July 20, 2016
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mmmm id love to be licking her sweet clit as she rides that big cock!!!

flag as inappropriate hughjardon    July 20, 2016

very hot.
,y woman likes me to control the dongs and vibes i use on her. she tells me it is because it feels more like getting fucked to her.

flag as inappropriate Paulie69    July 20, 2016

That's some serious penetration. Bet it felt even better than it looks and looks incredibly fucking hot!

flag as inappropriate John Morgan    July 20, 2016
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So hot watching her playing with her pussy

flag as inappropriate justrite    July 20, 2016

That was fucking hot,did she cum?

flag as inappropriate PETEISWATCHING    July 20, 2016VResident
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You're a very lucky man, especially if she knows you're posting her on here. Tell her she is hat as hell.

flag as inappropriate Redtoy    July 20, 2016

That was hot ;)

flag as inappropriate rppena123    July 20, 2016

Mmmm what a hot video.

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